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OptiPreOp Program

OptiPreOp Program

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  • High in leucine and glutamine to reduce muscle loss after surgery
  • Support Recovery/Rehabilitation
  • Promote Wound HEaling
  • Restore Function


  • Enhance Pre-Surgical Hydration
  • Boost Electrolyte Support
  • Elevated Stress Response


  • Recharges Cellular Energy Production
  • Supports Immune Function
  • Increases Antioxidant Protection

Directions for Fortify: 

Beginning 2 weeks prior to surgery, Mix 1 scoop in 10 ounces of purified water twice a day. Continue for 2 weeks post surgery.

Directions for Optilytes: 

1 scoop in 10 oz of purified water the night before surgery and the morning of surgery. May used daily to support hydration.

Directions for BioMulti-Plus: 

You can add BioMulti-Plus to your order. BioMulti-Plus is a multivitamin/antioxidant formula 4 daily beginning day after surgery to boost cellular energy production post-surgery.


Download OptiPreOp Program Info Sheet - Vegan

Download OptiPreOp Program Info Sheet - Whey

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