Our Story

Being from a multi generational family of pharmacists, our pharmacist and founder, Cathy Hance has a decades long history being a trusted source for pharmaceutical knowledge in her community. Dr. Scott Kuiper, founder and orthopedic surgeon, has a multigenerational history of patient care providers including orthopedic surgeons and nurses interested in providing the highest quality patient care with the most effective medical and surgical treatments available. By combining these knowledge bases, it is our goal to bring you premium professional grade supplements, manufactured in the USA with trusted ingredients, to support your musculoskeletal system. With evidence-based results, we have options available that may help to support your immune system, increase your energy, reduce inflammation, improve mobility, and strengthen your body. Our supplements are designed to help you feel better and heal better!

  • Quality Assurance

    We're committed to delivering top-quality medicines that meet the strictest safety and effectiveness criteria through rigorous quality checks.

  • Mission

    We're on a mission to promote community health and wellness by offering affordable, high-quality medications tailored to diverse health needs.

  • Customer Experience

    Enjoy a seamless experience with our user-friendly website, responsive customer support, and fast, reliable shipping. Your well-being is our priority at BioAdvantage.